Jerry Slade

Broker - Owner

Jerry Slade is the Broker / Owner of Michigan Whitetail Properties. Jerry originally entered the real estate world in 1995 and immediately saw the need for someone in Michigan to represent the hunters and outdoorsmen and women in finding and help locating quality parcels of land to be used for recreation and hunting.

This was the beginning of Michigan Whitetail Properties company and it didn’t take long for this company to become the statewide leader in the sales of recreational hunting properties, farms, and ranches throughout the state. Both vacant land as well as properties containing year round homes, country homes, resorts or cabins.

Michigan Whitetail Properties covers all portions of the state of Michigan, from the southern borders along the Ohio and Indiana state lines to the vast expanse of the Upper Peninsula.

Jerry on a personal note, is a devout family man and holds his family above an beyond all else. If one of his grandchildren has a ball game or a school function, you won’t find him in the woods or fields walking property.  You’ll find him sitting there on the sidelines supporting them.

Areas of expertise:  Locating and identifying quality Land, both Hunting and Agricultural.

Specializing in habitat enhancement and timber management.