Things to consider when purchasing Land



When Buying Land, consider all of these factors

Purchasing a large parcel of land is basically the same process as purchasing a home. You need to know what your intentions are with the land, how many hunters can the parcel handle safely, and/or how many acres do you wish to farm. Do you intend to build someday? A home, a cabin, a pole barn, etc?

The following are some things you should consider, and by all means, always feel free to ask us questions.

Perc Tests

I highly recommend having a “Perc” (short for Percualtion) test completed before the purchase if you have any intentions of building.

Perc tests are done by the potential buyer, and at his or her own expense generally speaking, and involves going to the local health department and purchasing a permit, and then hiring a heavy equipment operator to dig holes. Generally 3 holes are required that are 8′ wide and 10′ deep. The health dept. official will need to be on site when the holes are dug to verify soil composition and make a report, which you will receive via mail.


When looking for a house, you consider the square footage of it because of how many people will be living there, visiting, etc. Similarly, when considering a parcel of land, you want to make a determination as to the acreage you will need for you and your fa,ily and friends to safely enjoy. Are you primarily bow hunters? Are you primarily gun hunters? This makes a drastic difference as gun hunters must be separated by much more distance to be safe than do bow hunters.

Having the largest piece of land on the isn’t always the best course of action. Go for quality instead of quantity. You may be able to purchase a quality smaller parcel that would give you all that you desire. Any piece of land has upkeep too. Mother Nature will do her work to some regards but there are some aspects of your land that will require your attention. This is especially true if you plan to use your land for specific purposes such as farming, but upkeep on a parcel of hunting land can and will be extensive at times. Cleaning up after storms, keeping trails mowed and cleared, planting and tending to food plots if you choose to plant them are all things to be considered.


Another factor to consider in determining what you want out of your land purchase, is the type of terrain you are acquiring. Not all land is created equal. Land has qualities or drawbacks just like a home might.

Factor things in such as hills, flatlands, soil temperament, water sources, woodlots, bedding areas, and other things that can affect how you can interact with your land. A farmer would want good soil and flat land. A hunter will want food sources, water sources, good sightlines, and cover. Also consider the surrounding terrain and/or what it is like. Is it Farm Land that allows the deer both food and cover without your expense, or is there homes nearby?

Hunting Grounds

If you are a hunter, you’ll want to know if the land you are purchasing is in fact allowed to be hunted on. Owning your own hunting property is an opportunity to give back to the land and make the land prime hunting grounds. You’ll have the freedom to get to know the land at your own pleasure. Trust me, I have owned 5 farms and there is nothing like owning your own piece of paradise and spending time there.

Ask questions

Always ask questions. We are professionals that do this for a living and we have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – 25 acres with Lodge in Hillsdale County.

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – 25 acres with Lodge in Hillsdale County.    Now available…..25 acres of fantastic hunting in big buck country…..Hillsdale County. Included is a two story pole barn that has been made into a gorgeous lodge on the second floor that could be used as a year round residence if you should choose to want to live there. 15 +/- acres wooded and 10 +/- acres tillable. The lodge comes fully furnished…… is secluded and private and would make someone a very nice home or a year round getaway.

Hunting land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – Clare County 178 acres

Hunting land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – Clare County 178 acres

Mid Michigan Hunting Land for sale.  This is a turn key set up for anyone that is looking for a hunting camp in Mid Michigan.  Located just NW of Clare and within an easy drive to almost anywhere in Michigan. A long winding private road leads back to the cabin, which sits next to the water.  Here you can shoot your bows, your guns, watch the waterfowl flying in and out or spend some time fishing while thinking about the big bucks roaming the property.  Many areas to add food plots or plant switch grasses for bedding areas.  Mature pine in some areas and mature hardwoods in others.  This is a property that you need to see to appreciate.

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Jackson County Michigan – 89+ acres

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Jackson County Michigan – Just under 90 acre farm with farm house and barns right in the heart of Jackson County which has been for many years thought of as the “BIG BUCK” capital of the great lake state.  An older farm house that could use some updating and TLC and could become a great lodge while you’re in the area hunting, or could be remodeled and make someone a nice home.  50+/- tillable acres with the balance made up of wooded areas, bedding areas, and attached to other large parcels that surround it.  The deer hunting and the turkey hunting in this area is fantastic!  We could talk all day about the possibilities here but the best solution is to get a hold of myself or one of my fine staff and take a walk and see for yourself.  **All aerial maps are a depiction of the property layout and should not be used as any type of legal survey**