We have some fantastic new LAND listings.  Some great hunting land in Hillsdale County, one that I used to own……..Jackson County, Calhoun, Oakland County…….Check them out here and give me a CALL!

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – Ingham County 58 acres

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan –  Ingham County 58 acres

Located just north of the Jackson County line and 4 miles east of Leslie, MI lies this 58 acres of awesome whitetail deer habitat with a mixture of smaller immature trees and thick cover as well as mature hardwoods with lots of mature oak trees make up this property.  Bordered by AG fields on two sides and about 10 acres of tillable for a fantastic food plot area, bedding areas to the east.  A great area of whitetail deer habitat and enough turkeys to keep you hopping every spring.  **This property is also bordered by an additional 45 acres to the north that can be purchased as well as more additional acreage also available to the north**.

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – 47 acres for sale in Lenawee County, MI

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan – 47 acres for sale in Lenawee County, MI

Located not far from Chelsea, Saline, or Ann Arbor just east of Tecumseh lies this 47 acre offering of a mixture of tillable acreage and woods.  Some very big deer have been taken in this area in the past.  AG fields in every direction make the wooded cover a great place for the deer to travel through and bed down.  One of the best parts of this parcel is that CABELA’S is only a few minutes down the road!!  Oh yeah!

110 acres of Prime Hunting Land for sale in Calhoun County Michigan

Hunting Land for sale in Michigan, Land for sale in Michigan, Hunting Land for sale in Calhoun County Michigan – 110 acres    SERIOUS HUNTERS LOOKING FOR QUALITY LAND IN SOUTHERN MICHIGAN………..Here is the property for you!  110 acres of mature woods on both sides of the St Joe river with approx. 40+ acres of productive tillable farm land that brings in a good farm rent income.  Calhoun County is well known for producing great quality whitetail deer year after year.  With the tillable ground leading up to the mature woods full of oak, maple, cherry and more trees and the river winding through the property, this is already great habitat! 

Our opinions on Hunting regions of the US


Hunters in the United States have the luxury of choosing where they want to hunt. Our freedom tohunt when we want and where we want and in what manner we want is paramount and we must protect that right. Our nation has plenty of bountiful areas filled with deer, elk, bears, moose, goats, mountain sheep, mountain lions, pheasant, turkeys, waterfowl of all kinds, and so much more.

If you have a hunting “Bucket List”……..You should travel out of your home area and see what this great country has to offer. There is an amazing outdoor country out there.


The Southeast is a great place to hunt offering a variety of game and scenery. Georgia is a great state to hunt for deer, turkeys, bears, squirrels, rabbits, and wild hogs. Located in the southeastern corner of the peach state is the Chattahoochee National Forest offering these great hunting opportunities on public land if that is what you would desire.

Venice, Louisiana is one of the best places in the country to hunt for waterfowl as more than 14% of the country’s wetlands are located in this area. Mississippi is right along side.

Another area that offers fantastic hunting in the is Kentucky, which is fast becoming a “Hot Spot” for giant whitetails. Kentucky could be added to the “Midwest” when it comes to Hunting Land, but since we have not hunted in that state, we will leave it as part of the “Southeast”. South Carolina offers some great opportunities for deer and duck hunting and encompasses the Francis Marion National Forest.


Without any doubt, the Midwest is home to THE very best deer hunting in the nation.

I have hunted whitetails all across the midwest and each and every state has fantastic opportunities to harvest the buck of a lifetime!

Here is my opinion of the states in the order of which I would personally rank them:

#1 – Kansas…..and particularly western Kansas where the deer have thousands upon thousands of acres to roam without being pressured by humans in any way. The land is desolate. Dry, with virtually no crops other than Milo and one would think that there are no reason that whitetails would live there, but oh don’t be fooled. Some of the largest of all whitetailed deer in North America call this place home! Some believe that it is high concentration of calcium and magnesium that is in the arid soils there. Although non residents must draw for a tag, out of state hunters can usually draw a tag every year and can even buy an over the counter left over tag at times in some Units.

#2 – Iowa…..and this is a very close second to Kansas in my book, but is considered by many to be in the number one spot when it comes to hunting deer. The farm land there is fertile and produces some of the best crop yields in the US. This in turn creates some of the best hunting land that our country has to offer. The record books are filled with bucks that have been harvested in the Hawkeye state and 2014 will be no exception! The draw back to Iowa for a non resident is that their system is operated according to “Preference Points” that one accumulates each year by purchasing them and it takes 3-4 years to get enough “Points” to draw a tag.

#3 – Ohio…..Southern Ohio offers some fantastic hunting land has been a destination for many serious trophy hunters and offers over the counter hunting licenses for non residents. Hit the areas south and east of Columbus for some awesome opportunities to harvest a giant whitetail.

#4 – Illinois ……The Pike County area of south central Illinois speaks for itself but the fertile farm land there across the entire state offers fantastic hunting opportunities.

#5 – Wisconsin….Very much like Michigan, the cheese state has a large variety of landscapes to choose from. Rich farm land, rolling hills full of mature hardwoods that create great hunting land, many thousands of lakes and rivers……all together add up to great wildlife habitat for many kinds of animals. Wisconsin has more entries into the record book than any other state in the US.

***My home state of Michigan is, in my opinion, the BEST state of all when it comes to the best overall land for hunting, fishing, and all outdoor recreation. The lower peninsula has a HUGE variety of diverse land of all kinds, from rolling hills and ridges, to flat farm lands, to heavily wooded areas, wetlands, thousands of lakes, rivers and streams which offer great area for hunting all kinds of wildlife, and also offers hunters an abundance of wildlife of many different kinds from whitetail deer and a phenominal population of eastern Turkeys, waterfowl, and unmatched fishing statewide. The southern half of the lower peninsula is currently where the largest population of big mature whitetails reside and this is due to many things, the most of which is the deer management practices that have been implemented b y most of the landowners. Southern Michigan produces many quality mature whtetail deer each and every year. The northern part of our state including the Upper peninsula which features elk hunting on a one time draw basis and great bear hunting, grouse hunting, and more. The Upper Peninsula has vast areas of wilderness and is a fantastic place to visit and search out that “out of the way” place that others don’t dare go to. The “Great Lake State” lives up to it’s name when it comes to water……


While most people think of New York and clam chowder when asked about the Northeast, hunters think about deer and bears. Lake Placid, New York, is famous for its fishing along with the quarter million acres of surrounding state lands. The land located in the Adirondack Mountains is home to roaming whitetail deer and black bears.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania is near Pine Creek. Pine Creek runs through Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The land around the creek and gorge is state land reserved for whitetails, black bears, and small game.